ASIC Partnership

HPC provides custom ASIC development to help you drive cutting-edge applications in IoT, consumer, and automobile market. 

Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

Ideation to Execution

Performance & Stability

With decades of experience in the ASIC industry,  HPC provides unmatched technical excellence and expertise. We utilize best-in-class IP, tools, methodology, and program management to deliver the best SoC that saves you cost and shortens development time.


Transform lives through Machine Learning solutions
Strategic Focus on Custom SoC's; Surveillance / Inference / Smart Application CNN / SNN

Image Processor

Provides image processing SoC from the start of Digital Still Camera era to the latest Action Camera and AR/VR/MR


Makes Industrial practices increasingly efficient
Extensive experience in developing IP’s and custom solutions; ADC/DAC/AFE

Video Processor

High definition video processing for the connected world
High-Speed AVC/HEV encoder and decoder for high-density video streaming including support for 4K and 8k


Autonomous driving is the next frontier for car manufacturers.
Extensive functional safety expertise through customer deployments; Supports LiDAR and AV