Resource Augmentation

HPC provides a proven, reliable and cost-effective way for our clients to increase the size and productivity of their internal development teams in minimal time.

We Secure the Talent to Help You

Build Your Dream Team

HPC has the on-demand technical resources to help you meet your business goals. Our highly vetted network of software engineering resources can quickly integrate into your organization to help you address immediate and continuing initiatives.

With no minimum term or commitment, you have the flexibility to scale up/down on demand. Our qualified engineers, QA specialists, project managers, UI/UX experts and full agile teams are ready to start immediately.

Hardware Talents
Software Talents


Years Of Experience

Flexible Business Model

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Whether your project calls for an off-shore team, an on-shore cohort, or a combination of both, we work with you to design a staffing program that fits your short to long term business needs. 

How We Hire

Deliver Results with Top 3% Talents

Identify the Right Candidates

We receive resumes in hundreds of thousands each year. After assessing their profile, and using a unique set of algorithms, we assign each candidate to the most appropriate open positions that we have or may have in the near future. 

Vet for the Right Skill Set

Once the applicant has been tracked for a position, our system automatically assigns them a pertinent set of online tests aligned with their specific skills along with mandatory English and IQ exams. We have more than 80 different tests available we use depending on the applicant’s desired role and relevant experience. For example, Java Developer  will have to go through (at least) Java, Object Oriented Programming, SQL, Algorithms, Front End, Back End, Advanced IQ, English and other tests depending on the position.

Conduct Live Interviews

If the candidate passes the exams, HPC conducts a set of live interviews with the them to evaluate not only their experience but also whether their communication skills, commitment, and personality will be a good fit for our clients

Perform Background Checks

Conducting thorough background checks on all prospective hires is an important part of our operation. To ensure seamless experience and facilitate fast turn-around time, we partner with top background screening solution providers and embed their APIs into our backend recruiting system. 

Secure the Talent

We secure the talent and assign them to projects which their skill sets can be best utilized.  Our proprietary staffing suite combines complex algorithms that include not only technological and profile matches for the projects but past performance, current availability, and clients’ characteristics.