IP / EDA Procurement

HPC goes beyond strategy by delivering clear and measurable result on every IP or EDA procurement engagement. 

Our Approach

A Partner at Your Corner

At HPC, our goal is to provide our clients with significant results, self-sufficiency, and long-term sustainability. To that end, we bring an innovative, hands-on, and proven approach to maximize our clients’ benefits during their IP and EDA acquisitions. 

Service Scope

Going Beyond Strategy

Vendor Identification

We leverage decades of experience working with global vendors to help you manage the entire work-flow from orchestrating the entire RFQ cycle all the way to the pre-contract stage.

IP Qualification

We conduct exhaustive inspection process in the early stages of the design cycle to ensure overall compatibility within the IP, with other IPs, with the tool flow, and with the process.

Price and Licensing Negotiation

We help you navigate the complexity that usually associates with IP licensing and negotiate a fair licensing agreement that aligns with your objectives.

Vendor Management

We help you set the benchmark and implement KPIs to monitor vendors' delivery performance against contract obligations.


Valuable Skill Sets That Differentiate Us

Negotiation 97%
Vendor Profiling 90%
Industry Knowledge 96%
Managed Engagements 85%

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